What blizzard? Northeast Wisconsin is ready for warm weather

The Berge family is dressed for a day at the beach April 15, 2018, in Appleton, during Blizzard Evelyn. (Photo submitted by Denise Berge)

(WLUK) -- April is normally a time to prepare for the coming summer, not deal with a historic blizzard.

But that's just what Northeast Wisconsin got as Blizzard Evelyn rewrote the record books for snow.

Nevertheless, some in the area ignored the snow and dressed for summer, grilling out, going kayaking or sipping cool drinks on the backyard deck. Check out the photo gallery to see how some people were blowing off the snow.

A couple of brave souls even took headfirst dives into the water -- which of course was in the form of snow.

When it comes to an April blizzard, crying won't make it go away, so why not have a little sense of humor about it?

How are you handling Blizzard Evelyn? Share a photo or video with us here:

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