Water damage keeps several Green Bay businesses closed

Several Main Street businesses in Green Bay were closed on September 18, 2018 because of major flooding the day before. (Photo credit: WLUK)

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WLUK) -- Several businesses on and near Main Street on Green Bay's east side were closed Tuesday to clean up water damage.

On Monday night, Main Street was a lake, with heavy rain causing major flooding.

“We were expecting to see some type of damage this morning,” said Mickey Adams, the branch manager for North Shore Bank. “I guess we didn't expect to be closed, so this was a shock. We haven't had that happen in the past.”

Midwest Restoration peeled away the damage inside North Shore Bank. The branch hopes to reopen on Wednesday.

“We were pretty fortunate that we had it better than some of the other businesses next to us,” said Adams.

Two doors down, Familia Dental wasn't as lucky. It isn't expected to reopen until next week.

“This one was pretty bad,” said Brandon Schwarm, owner of Elite Restoration. “It's pretty much all the flooring, drywall, carpet, everything inside, cabinets.”

Schwarm says he had crews at half a dozen homes with more lined up for the coming days.

“Just can't keep up,” said Schwarm. “We encourage our customers to get on a waiting list. Most companies are doing the exact same thing. There is so much work out there, we can't keep up.”

With the flooding affecting so many people, the city will be picking up bulk trash for free through next Tuesday. People can also take it to the city's two drop-off sites for free.

“Any little bit of rain can usually trigger some calls, but this was it all happened at one time, so it's just been chaotic for sure,” said Schwarm.

Dollar Tree, Arby's and The Razz-Ma-Tazz Bar are among other businesses in that Main Street area that were closed Tuesday.

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