Melting snow impacting area golf courses

Mid Vallee Golf Course in Lawrence, January 10, 2018. (WLUK)

LAWRENCE (WLUK) -- It's a pretty sight-- a layer of snow draped over the rolling greens and fairways of Mid Vallee Golf Course in Lawrence.

That layer of snow, though, is also a layer of protection from the winter elements.

And with warmer weather, that snow has been disappearing.

"Not worried yet. I'll be more worried after tomorrow. We'll see what they look like. At least we have a little snow that can handle a little bit of moisture but by tomorrow at 46 degrees, it might be all gone," said Mid Vallee Golf Course owner, Pete VanDeHey.

And if all that water from the snow melt freezes again later this week, that's bad news.

Our next Weathermaker coming in Thursday afternoon, is going to cause a dramatic shift in temperatures:

Even in the winter, grass needs to breathe.

It can do that through snow, but not through ice.

VanDeHey says they do have ways of taking ice off the grass early in spring, before the ice can suffocate the grass, but the timing there is delicate.

"You take the snow off, and then you get cold weather, and then all the littler water that's laying around freezes again? And actually that grass starts to come alive because it's so warm. And now you've got another problems. So it's real touchy," VanDeHey said.

Whatever grass does die, then has to be re-seeded or re-sodded.

And that cuts into valuable time in the spring.

In the meantime, VanDeHey says, "You just gotta trust the weatherman."

Workers at Ledgeview Golf Course say they aren't worried at the moment either.

It all comes down to this thin layer of snow out-lasting this milder weather before the cold sets in again.

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