Video: Southern Door principal dances to announce Winter Storm Chase snow day

    In this screen shot taken from video posted Wednesday Feb. 6, 2019, by the Southern Door County School District, elementary school principal Cory Vandertie performs a dance to announce the cancellation of classes on Thursday. (Courtesy Southern Door School District)

    BRUSSELS (WLUK) -- In an age of social media, school administrators around the country have been getting more creative in announcing snow days.

    That trend has reached Northeast Wisconsin, and the Southern Door County School District put its own unique spin on an announcement that classes would be canceled for Winter Storm Chase.

    A video posted on the district's Facebook account begins with superintendent Patricia Vickman taking a phone call from elementary school principal Cory Vandertie asking whether the weather would get in the way of the school day. When Vickman tells Vandertie school would be called off, Vandertie performs a song and dance to announce the snow day, set to the tune of Bon Jovi's 1986 hit "You Give Love a Bad Name."


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