Snowfall totals for Green Bay

WLUK weather graphic

Wednesday was definitely a day to bundle up outside, especially with the wind.

Some light snow also made an appearance Wednesday afternoon.

It might not seem like it because of all the snow we see piled up around the area left over from Winter Storm Ashley, but it actually hasn't been a very snowy winter thus far in Green Bay or throughout much of the area for that matter.

Not including the little bit of light snow the area received Wednesday, Green Bay is up to 16.6 inches of snow this season.

Normally, we would have seen more than 22 inches so far.

That's five and a half inches behind our normal pace.

It looks like we might have picked up few tenths of an inch from this snow Wednesday, and may pick up some light snow over the next several days.

But it's unlikely any of this will help make up appreciable ground on our normal pace.

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