October tornadoes unusual for Wisconsin

Tornado damage in Madison, October 8, 2017. (WMTV)

(WLUK) -- Some Madison residents continue to clean-up after a tornado tore through part of the city's east side on Saturday.

No one was hurt, but the tornado destroyed some garages.

The most recent tornado was fairly unusual, in that it was in the month of October.

Typically, we only see an October tornado maybe once every three years in the state of Wisconsin.

It's pretty much the start of our quiet season for severe weather, which usually picks back up in April.

State-wide, this was the 23rd tornado of 2017 to strike Wisconsin.

That actually brings us right up to our normal mark-- the 30-year average for the state is right about 23 per year.

What is a little unusual is the distribution of those tornadoes.

Ten of them alone occurred on a single day, and they were right here in Northeast Wisconsin.

They were spawned by a powerful line of storms surging in from the southwest on June 14.

Thankfully, only one of the tornadoes so far this year was stronger than an EF-1.

That was an EF-3 tornado in Barron County on May 16, which was on the ground for 83 miles-- the longest path of any Wisconsin tornado since 1950.

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