Northeast Wisconsin sees ones of the coldest Aprils into the warmest Mays since 1936

May 2018 was the third warmest May on record for Green Bay. (WLUK)

(WLUK) -- Though June looks to start out with cooler weather, May ended up being a very warm month, even with a couple cooler days scattered in there.

One trend that didn't quite hold was the wet start.

The month of May ended with 3.67 inches of rain in Green Bay. That's nearly an inch above normal, but it's nothing too far out of line historically, barely getting into the top 50 wettest Mays on record.

But the warmth was something that built as the month went on.

The average temperature ended up at 62.3 degrees, which is the third warmest May on record in Green Bay. That's more than 7 degrees above normal.

It was really the last week or so that pulled that average up, with each day running 10 to 20 degrees above normal.

But what's even more remarkable is that we saw this weather on the heels of a nearly equally cold April.

April was the second coldest on record, running about 8 degrees below normal.

In fact, only one other time has a top-10 cold April gone into a top-10 warm May, back in 1936.

And even then, this year's April was colder and this May was warmer.

So this kind of turnaround is basically unprecedented.

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