Hydration key for staying cool as summer comes to a close

A boy at Webster Elementary takes a sip from the water fountain. (WLUK/Gabrielle Mays)

ALLOUEZ (WLUK) -- If you step inside Webster Elementary, in Allouez, you can't help but feel a bit sticky.

"I'm sweating," said one student as she walked into the library.

It's one of only two places with air conditioning. The office also has air.

Plenty of students soaked up the sun during recess filling the playground enjoying the swings. Aria Hoffman, in need a quick break from the heat, sat in the shade.

"I guess it's okay. I mean it's different than normal. But, I think it's nice to have this kind of weather before winter starts. But this weather would've been nice the summer when we had it," Hoffman said.

After recess, some students headed to the water fountain to cool off.

Despite the heat, principal Nancy Schultz says the school always plans ahead.

"We do have a water bottle filling station so it's nice and cold and we are kind of low key activities for today so that they're not moving around too much," said Schultz.

The Green Bay Area Public School District says all of the rooms inside Webster will have air conditioning next year.

The heat didn't stop people from spending some time at the Titletown District on the playground and the football field.

Zach Zborowski and his family are vising from Colorado and it's safe to say they didn't expect it to be hot in September.

"My dad just gave me a haircut before we came here and thank gosh because I have so much hair. It would be unbelievably hot right here," he said.

Zborowski's dad says they still enjoyed the game, despite the heat.

"Turf is hot in the sun. [The] kids are hurting me right now. But we're tied up right now 7 to 7," said Greg Zborowski.

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