Flood-damaged items piling up in Green Bay

Water damage in basement in Green Bay, September 19, 2018. (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- The aftermath of flash flooding is piling up on curb sides on Green Bay's east side.

Two days after heavy rains led to flooded basements, yards and streets, homeowners are putting debris outside.

On the front steps of her Green Bay duplex, Tiffany Cornell tries to salvage years of memories. Her children's class pictures are drying out.

"I've lived in Green Bay my whole life, and never seen anything this bad. Never. Never would have imagined it," said Tiffany Cornell, Green Bay.

Neither would her husband Ricky Cornell. He stores his two motorcycles in the garage. The bikes are wet, but working.

"I started one of them up last night. Just the bottom exhaust got water in it, and it was just spitting out water," said Ricky Cornell, Green Bay.

After days of cleaning, the Cornell's basement is empty. Much of what used to be inside, is now out by the street.

"Appliances. We lost appliances. A dresser. Box Spring. We lost a lot," said Tiffany Cornell.

Just across the street, Green Bay Public Works Department crews vacuum soaked ground from in front of Green Bay Metro's Fire Station Number Five. The building is temporarily closed from flooding in the parking lot and basement.

"We have kind of our computer system in there. We also have a workout room. Some files for old archives are in there as well. A couple of the staff that was on duty, some of their vehicles were wrecked by it as well, and had to be towed out," said Lt. Shauna Walesh, Green Bay Metro Fire Department.

Walesh says in case of emergency, the fire department will respond.

"The district is still covered. There's no lag time in response time. They're just coming from a different area in town," she said.

Meanwhile people continue to pump water from their homes. The Cornells say they will never forget this storm.

"I'm hoping to get back to work tomorrow, or Friday. But, if I can't, I can't. As long as I get this done, just want to get back on my feet again," said Ricky Cornell.

City's Public Works Department is offering to help.

Curbside pick-up will continue through September 25.

Drop-off sites designated by the city are also piling up with damaged items.

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