February's weather was a tale of two halves


Though we've closed out February with some rather pleasant weather, it was just a few weeks ago that the month greeted us in a very different way.

Below-normal temperatures dominated the first half of the month.

And the first weekend of the month brought an area-wide snowfall of 3-6 inches.

Leave it to the power of love to warm things up, though...

Starting on Valentine's day, every remaining day of the month would see above-normal temperatures.

And the snow would just about disappear.

Overall, the month ended up being nearly normal in terms of temperature.

Only a difference of about a degree separated this February from a typical February.

But as I said, it was a tale of two halves this month.

From the first through the 13th, temperatures were 8.4 degrees cooler than normal.

From the 14th on, temperatures ran 9.4 degrees above normal.

For as cold as the month started, it finished just as warm.

Precipitation was a little odd as well.

It wasn't very snowy, with only 6.4" of snow and ice falling compared to the normal of nearly 10 inches.

But it was a very wet month.

In terms of total liquid equivalent, we saw nearly an inch and a half of liquid, more than three-tenths of an inch above normal.

That's thanks to the rains we saw over the last two weeks.

With a month that was so up and down, it's only fitting that the mild end to February may lead into a start to March with a little bit of snow.

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