'Fall back' - DST ends this weekend

Fall Clock Change (WLUK)

(WLUK) -- Daylight saving time comes to an end this weekend as we switch back to standard Time. Be sure to turn those clocks around the house back one hour Saturday night or Sunday morning.t

It is also a good time of year to do a few other maintenance checks around the house.

Make sure the alarms on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Check the batteries and change them if needed.

Before the cold days of winter arrive and your furnace kicks into high gear, have it inspected to make sure it is functioning properly. Malfunctioning furnaces can lead to fires or carbon monoxide leaks.

For those of you with a chimney, they too should be inspected and swept at least once a year to insure safety. A clean chimney is a safe chimney.

Don't forget about the dryer. This time of year is good to have it serviced and cleaned. The air exhaust vent pipe can get clogged or restricted and needs to be properly cleaned. Also, make sure the outdoor vent flap is working correctly.

Put these maintenance tips to work this weekend to ensure a safe winter season.

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