Devastating Lake Delton flooding was 10 years ago this week

A house is swept away by floodwaters June 9, 2008, in Lake Delton. (WLUK file image)

LAKE DELTON (WLUK) -- Almost a decade ago near Wisconsin Dells, a foot of rain caused the dam holding back Lake Delton to wash out.

On June 9, 2008, five homes were destroyed as millions of gallons of water emptied from the lake. Other nearby homes had significant damage, and most of them were never rebuilt.

By the time the lake emptied, 600 million gallons of water and piles of debris -- including lakeside homes -- eventually made it to the Wisconsin River.

In the hours following the wash-out, a dozen old Army amphibious landing craft used for Dells Duck rides, responded to help. The Ducks -- which can travel on land and on water -- rescued 200 people stranded because of the flooding and the roads being cut off.

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