Clearing away the ice from Winter Storm Brooks

Aftermath of Winter Storm Brooks, February 20, 2018. (WLUK)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- It's not your typical cleanup scene the day after a winter storm.

Winter Storm Brooks was mostly ice, after all.

But that layer of ice still needed to be dealt with.

And it wasn't just the rain that froze on surfaces that needed to be cleaned up.

Ice was tumbling off trees and down onto the ground all morning.

We found people scraping off sidewalks and driveways using shovels and ice scrapers alike. But everyone I talked to agreed that the cleanup wasn't as bad as our usual snowstorms.

Terrye Shedeger of Green Bay said, "I pre-salted a little bit before I left for work yesterday. That kind of helped a little bit. This warm weather does help quite a bit too."

"Last couple weeks it was three degrees, now it's at least 30. Now wind too, that helps a lot," said Richard Specht of Allouez.

One thing we were concerned about with all the ice accumulation was power outages.

That ice can add a lot of weight to tree branches.

You could see the ice coating nearly every tree across town Tuesday morning.

Branches sometimes snap off and hit power lines. And the power lines themselves are already dealing with more weight from the ice.

But the winds Monday night may have actually helped prevent widespread outages from happening.

"The winds actually, when they get kind of gusty like that, can actually benefit us a little bit. They are able to knock some of that ice that does accumulate off those power lines, off those tree branches, obviously lessening the weight that is on those pieces of equipment and on those trees," said Matt Cullen of Wisconsin Public Service.

Cullen says from 2 PM Monday through 10 AM Tuesday, a total of about 650 people lost power at times.

The most affected by any single outage was a little more than 100 around 1 AM.

Even that outage was fixed in about 2 hours.

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