Getting outdoors: Beauty to be seen, despite the lack of snow in Northeast Wisconsin

    Looking over Green Bay waters in mid-January. (WLUK)

    BROWN COUNTY (WLUK) -- While we're well into the winter season, looking outside it doesn't really look the part across most of Northeast Wisconsin.

    But there's still plenty of beauty to be found.

    Every time we get a little snow, it has disappeared almost just as quickly, leaving behind as much brown as there is white in the Green Bay area.

    But if you look a little closer, there's still beauty to be found in the outdoors.

    Fonferek Glen can be treacherous this time of year if you venture off the trails, but even from a safe distance the falls and hanging ice make for a nice view.

    And one intrepid local wasn't letting a little cold stop his exploration.

    "I have actually not been here in the winter, I know the area in the summer. It's a little interesting to see all the lack of trees and being able to see where I walk a little bit more," said Elijah Deno. "I'm gonna go and try and find all the spots that I usually frequent in the summer and see what they look like."

    And Fonferek isn't the only spot to see some cool formations.

    At one point there was enough snow for snowmobiles at Wequiock Falls.

    That's not the case anymore, but there are still some sights to be seen... as long as you can mind the icy footing.

    Even on a cold and windy afternoon, once you make it down lower into the falls, you'll find it's downright balmy.

    The shelter from the wind helps take the bite from the cold winter weather.

    Moving from natural to urban beauty, the Titletown District may have been a little too open and blustery for people to brave-- Wind chills in the single digits will do that.

    But if you can brave the cold, and keep safe footing, there are beautiful views, even without much snow on the ground.

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