April was cold, but was it record cold?

April 2018 temperature summary (WLUK graphic)

(WLUK) -- April was an active weather month for Northeast Wisconsin. We saw two named storms: Winter Storm Dan and Blizzard Evelyn.

It was also a chilly month. But, we weren't alone in that department as much of the country was in the grips of winter through April.

April 2018 ranked in the top 10 coldest for 22 different states across the country. Ten of those states had their coldest or second coldest April on record. Wisconsin was one of those.

But Iowa was the one state that saw its record coldest April, breaking its previous record by 1.6 degrees. In weather terms, this is absolutely smashing the old record. Breaking a temperature record by this much is hard to do.

Much of the Midwest and central Plains ran cold compared to what is normal for the month.

You have to go west to find any warmth during the month. The only state that had a well-above-average month was Arizona. Other western state were a little above average and elsewhere it was generally cold.

So how did we fare here in Green Bay? April ended with an average temperature of 35.3 degrees. That is 8.6 degrees colder than normal for the month of April.

Compared to the record warmest, we were nowhere near the 52.3 degrees set in 1915. In fact, we saw quite the opposite and were much closer to the record coldest April. In the end, we were just .3 degrees off the record coldest April in Green Bay, set in 1907 -- a 111-year-old record -- when the average temperature came out to 35.0 degrees.

Take a look at photos and videos of Blizzard Evelyn:

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