Aftermath of Winter Storm Abigail

The day after Winter Storm Abigail, December 14, 2017. (WLUK)

ASHWAUBENON (WLUK) -- For as pretty as Winter Storm Abigail could be, it still left quite a mess to clean up.

Some took the time to lend a helping hand with that process.

"I like shoveling; it's fun, it's good exercise, I'm here actually with a friend helping her clean her driveway," said Zala Wardak of Green Bay.

All that shoveling, though, might have left you feeling a little sore.

Dr. Amy Romandine Kratz is a sports medicine physician with Prevea Health. She says her job gets a little busier after the first big snowfall, "We see tons of injuries at this time of the year, especially related to lower back pain as well as shoulder pain from improper mechanics with shoveling. Shoveling is an exercise, just like weight lifting, so doing it the right way is really critical."

She says to make sure you push the snow around and lift mostly with your legs rather than with your back.

But before you could shovel your driveway, you had to first get to your driveway.

And if your car wasn't up to the task, you weren't alone.

"It was hectic. Usually at Auto Select we try to do everything same-day for clients. With the snowstorm and the amount of people we had coming in, it was a little bit tough. We were a couple days out as of yesterday. Tires are the biggest demand with the snow on the ground," said owner of Auto Select, Josh Liesch.

Liesch says his Auto Select locations saw triple normal call volume for new tires Wednesday.

Winter Storm Abigail was more than slippery roads and snow-packed driveways, though.

"I think it's wonderful. We've been looking forward to something like this so we can get out and go sledding, and now it's finally here, so here we are," said Ryan Smith of Green Bay.

For most, life is back to normal now, a day after the storm.

That is until the next one starts this routine all over again.

Check out some viewer photos of Winter Storm Abigail below:

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