A Very FOX 11 Winter Weather Special

    "A Very FOX 11 Winter Weather Special" gets you prepared for the winter season. (WLUK graphic)

    (WLUK) -- Winter is part of life in Wisconsin. So be sure you're prepared by watching "A Very FOX 11 Winter Weather Special."

    In the special, FOX 11 Meteorologists look back at the biggest snowstorm to hit the area in 120 years. Blizzard Evelyn dumped two feet of snow in the middle of April causing major travel headaches and impacting some businesses with collapsed roofs. In fact, some are still recovering from the historic storm.

    Chief Meteorologist Patrick Powell looks ahead to this year’s winter with his annual Winter Weather Forecast.

    We’ll tell you why FOX 11 names winter storms and what the different National Weather Service alerts mean.

    The plows are all ready to handle the snow and ice this year with a new ingredient: brine.

    It’s not only snow in the winter but ice that can really pose a challenge -- for power companies and drivers.

    And we’ll wrap it all up with a trivia test for you.

    The show was recorded at the National Railroad Museum during the holiday season.

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