511WI website now lists winter driving conditions

A plow from the Green Bay Department of Public Works clears ice and slush from a street Jan. 17, 2017. (WLUK/Brittany Ford)

(WLUK) -- Wisconsin's online road conditions map now lists winter driving conditions to help you plan your trip.

As of Wednesday, conditions are now listed for interstates and select state highways. Reports for Hwy. 441 in the Fox Valley are expected to be added later this week.

On the map, various colors correspond to winter driving conditions. Some areas that saw snow earlier this fall have already had reports online.

The State Patrol and Department of Transportation highway staff provide the information with reports from the field.

The DOT reminds drivers to keep these points in mind to stay safe in the winter:

  • Slow down and move over when passing by an incident scene to provide a protective buffer for responders and the motorists behind you.

  • If you can steer it, clear it. Many drivers think they should not move their car if they are involved in a fender-bender or crash. If (and only if) your car is driveable and there are no injuries, you should move your car to the shoulder or nearby safe place off of the road before calling for help.

  • Visit to learn more about safe driving tips, links to best practices for winter road safety, and the law.

Never access 511 information while driving. Either safely pull off of the highway, or have a passenger check it.

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