FOX 11 Storm Chaser has seen some wicked weather

Storm Chaser lightning 1.jpg

(WLUK) -- By now, you've probably seen our FOX 11 Storm Chaser out on the roads of Northeast Wisconsin.

FOX 11 acquired the Storm Chaser in May 2014, and it's been through just about everything Mother Nature has to offer. We're talking lightning, snow storms, heavy rains, high winds, and sometimes a few of those at once.

In August of 2015, a round of severe storms moved through during one evening's commute. From the view of the Chaser's dash camera, we showed you how the heavy rains were pooling up on area highways. High winds and hail also lashed the Chaser that day, its cameras also showing the low visibility, letting you know it was not a good time to head out from work or to run any evening errands.

When the calendar flips to the winter months, the weather doesn't stop -- and neither do we.

What better way to show you what the roads look like than to actually get out on those roads? With four-wheel-drive and rugged tires, it's equipped to handle the worst of Wisconsin's winters. That has included, on more than one occasion, capturing elusive thundersnow during our heaviest winter storms.

Even when there aren't severe storms in the area, the Storm Chaser has a role to play. We've been able participate in community events like Touch a Truck in Shawano to give people an up-close look at the Chaser.

But ultimately, the Chaser is built for one thing -- and that's getting out in the worst of our weather, so you know what you're contending with when you walk out the door.

If there's severe weather in the area, the FOX 11 Storm Chaser is on it, whether it's getting out ahead of the storm, showing you what's going on in the storm, or sharing the impacts after the storm.

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