Timber Rattlers are back for a 7-game homestand, after Blizzard Evelyn

Timber Rattlers are back home after Blizzard Evelyn Monday, April 23, 2018. (WLUK/Pafoua Yang)

GRAND CHUTE (WLUK) -- As the snow piled up from Blizzard Evelyn, so did the expenses for the Timber Rattlers.

"There was no revenue coming in for lack of games, and then theres expenses for all the clean-up. So, we haven't figured all those expenss quite yet," said Timber Rattlers president, Rob Zerjav.

Zerjav told FOX 11, the Milwaukee Brewers are picking up a big part of the travel and meal expenses.

The team couldn't play its next opponent, the Kane County Cougars, at home because of the snow.

Zerjav said because the team was already in Illinois during the blizzard, scheduling had to get creative.

"The team was like, 'hey instead of coming back, sitting and not playing, and then having to drive back to Peoria, we should just stay here'," said Zerjav.

And even though the Rattlers are back home for a 7-game homestand, two weeks on the road definitely took a toll.

"Unfortunately I think we're starting to see some flu like symptoms go through, so I think a lot of times in the hotel room, they're confined with each other and we had a couple pitchers go down with the flu. Our managers going down with the flu right now, so the type of things that come out, that probably wouldn't if we were back home," explained Zerjav.

Zerjav said they had been removing snow all last week. The field was cleared by Thursday but there are still some snow on the stands.

Fans told FOX 11, the snow beneath their feet didn't matter.

"Just glad its nice out," Taylor Freeman of Menasha said. "The puddles kind of suck, but fun to be here tonight."

"I love it here, just really excited for baseball to be back," exclaimed Jimmy Blaha of Appleton

Zerjav said despite the snow storm, there's always something to take away from these kind of experiences.

"Hopefully it was team bonding, and they came out on it stronger in the end," Zerjav said.

Fans with tickets to any of the Kane County Cougars games last week, may exchange it for a same-priced ticket to any regular home game this season.

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