Harvey impacting father-in-law of Packers player

Flooding around the home of Heaven Daniels’ father in Dickinson, Texas, August 28, 2017. (Photos courtesy of James Tutson)

(WLUK) -- It's been a scary situation in Texas as millions of people continue to deal with flooding from now Tropical Storm Harvey and the worry has even reached the family of a Green Bay couple.

Heaven Daniels, wife of Packers defensive lineman, Mike Daniels, has family in the Houston area.

Heaven's father, James Tutson, lives in Dickinson, Texas, about 30 miles southeast of Houston.

He said almost every street and house in his neighborhood is flooded ahead of the mandatory evacuation order that was issued for his city late Monday afternoon.

Tutson said the electricity at his home has been out for a couple of days, but says he feels lucky it came back on today.

For the time being, while he has power, he's cooking up as many meals as he can because at this point, like millions of others, it's now a waiting game.

"I had an opportunity to try to leave today but everything is so flooded cause my street kind of dried up and I backed out in my car and took off to try to leave but every turn we made it was, it was really flooded," Tutson explained.

Heaven Daniels says the concern really started to hit home for her Sunday when her father sent her the photos of conditions at his house.

"He had sent us pictures of just all of the flooding; his backyard, in his garage; it had come up halfway on his car door. So he was still able to charge his phone in the car but obviously if the water came up any further, his car would probably have some type of damage and he wouldn't be able to charge his phone," she said.

As Heaven Daniels' father waits for his chance to be evacuated from Dickinson, Tutson admits he's worried about what's to come.

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