'Good energy' at Philbin's first practice as interim head coach

    Joe Philbin in his first practice as interim head coach (WLUK).

    GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- For the first time since the 2005 season someone other than Mike McCarthy will lead the Packers on to Lambeau Field.

    “It’s going to be a privilege, it’ll be an honor to lead the team on to Lambeau Field for sure,” said interim head coach Joe Philbin.

    Mike McCarthy was fired as the Packers head coach after a 20-17 loss to the Arizona Cardinals and Offensive Coordinator Joe Philbin was promoted to his position for the final four games.

    According to the team, the first week post-Mike McCarthy is off to a good start.

    “Tuesday is an optional lift and we had the most guys we’ve ever had, came in yesterday on their own, optional. That to me is a great indicator, it’s a better indicator than me pontificating about this, that and the other thing," said Philbin. "Football, sports is a game of action and you have to back it up. You can talk and I can talk all these highfalutin things, but at the end of the day you got to go play football you’ve got to coach football.”

    “Mike’s not here. There’s new voices and I think everybody’s kind of realizing that we’re all under the microscope even more and who knows what the changes are going to be after the season," said quarterback Aaron Rodgers. "There’s the feeling that more eyes are on all of us, whether it’s Mark (Murphy) or Brian (Gutekunst) or scouts so I feel like the energy was good today and unfortunately the urgency you need early in the season we kind of had out there today.”

    Philbin will remain the offensive coordinator on top of his duties as interim head coach the only difference is he will be calling plays for the offense. He was asked Wednesday if he could remember the last time he was a play caller and had to go way back.

    “It’s been a while, it’s been a while.," said Philbin. "I have to think, about 20 years maybe? I think it was at Northeastern if I’m not mistaken.”

    “Obviously Mike is not here partly due to his play calling, the idea so I’m sure if he saw you had an example of what not to do you’d think that things would change, but there’s no magic play so at the end of the day it’s still up to us to go out and execute," said wide receiver Davante Adams.

    Philbin was asked again Wednesday if he had any interest in the full-time position next year, but said his focus is on the Falcons this Sunday.

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