Sturgeon spearing closing in on harvest cap on upriver lakes

Colton Dunham speared this 153.7-pound, 79.0-inch sturgeon Feb. 2, 2018. He registered the fish at Boom Bay. (Photo courtesy Wisconsin DNR)

(WLUK) -- The sturgeon spearing season on the upriver lakes of Poygan, Winneconne and Butte des Morts is nearing an end.

The state Department of Natural Resources says 61 sturgeon were speared on those lakes Monday. Of those, 21 were adult females, which brings the season total to 95 adult females -- just two away from the 90 percent harvest cap trigger that would close the season on those lakes after another day of spearing. The number is also 11 away from the 100 percent trigger, which would close the season at the end of the same day.

The largest fish speared on the upriver lakes was a 153.7-pound, 79-inch fish registered at Boom Bay by Colton Dunham.

Meanwhile, on Lake Winnebago, 48 sturgeon were speared as murky waters continue to challenge spearers. Spearing on Lake Winnebago is far from any harvest caps.

The largest sturgeon speared on Lake Winnebago was a 147.7-pound, 74.6-inch fish registered at Stockbridge by Jeffrey Dreher.

So far this season, 452 sturgeon have been speared overall. That includes 187 on Lake Winnebago and 265 on the upriver lakes.

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