Deer from Gillett hunting preserve tests positive for CWD

Deer hunting (WLUK/Scott Hurley)

OCONTO COUNTY (WLUK) -- A deer killed at Apple Creek Game Farm in Gillett has tested positive for chronic wasting disease, the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection says.

The 18-month-old doe was born on the premises, DATCP says. The agency's rules require testing of farm-raised deer and elk when they die, go to slaughter or are killed.

CWD attacks the brains of deer, causing the animals to grow thin, act strangely and eventually die.

DATCP plans to look at animal movement records, but will not investigate any other herds since the animal was born on the preserve.

Chad DeBauch, owner of Apple Creek Game Farm, told FOX 11 Saturday, "As of right now we are working with the state to make sure we are following all of the rules and regulations that are set in place. We have had over 1000 negative tests and had our first positive test on a yearling doe. We are committed to learn more about this disease and looking to support the rules and regulations that are given to us by the state."

Hunts will continue to be allowed on the quarantined preserve, because DATCP says dead animals leaving the premises that are properly handled do not pose a risk to people.

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