Deer Hunt 2017: Custom-made deer stands in the sky

Deer hunting blind built 14 feet off the ground, November 6, 2017 (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

TAYLOR COUNTY (WLUK) -- Deer Hunt 2017 rolls into November, and in many areas, temperatures start to drop. Some hunters may be looking for ways to stay warm.

How about a cabin in the sky? A Medford area man started a business which combines his carpentry skills with the love of the outdoors.

"When we started, it was nothing but a bare 40. There were some logging roads and stuff, but things really got kicked into gear when we built this stand," said Dane Hartl, Wisconsin Landcrafters Owner.

The stand, began as a project 10 years ago.

"I was a starting contractor, and was a little short on work at the time, and my dad said hey, build me a tree stand. A deer stand," said Hartl.

"I just got tired of sitting in a tree, and freezing our tail off you know," said Lyn Hartl, Town of Chelsea.

Lyn Hartl is Dane's dad.

"I said boy you got to give me something to go on. He said just build me a stand. And when the flatbed semi showed up with the material on it, my mom said what are you building? I said that's dad's deer stand. She said, Oh my God," said Dane.

Dane and his brother went to work, and about two weeks later, it was complete.

"Some people call it the Taj Mahal, because there isn't too many stands like it," said Lyn.

The eight foot by twelve foot model features a vaulted ceiling and more. There is a cook stove, and propane heater, a table for meals, and even a cot.

"I usually go in around three or four o'clock in the afternoon the day before the season and I just settle down. I can cook in them, I can sleep in them, everything else. So that when the woods comes alive opening morning, I'm out there. And I'm not disrupting deer, I'm not kicking them off their prime areas, I'm in there. And it's a huge advantage that way," said Lyn.

The Hartls use the stand for more than just hunting.

"We also camp. I take my grand kids out there. We do all kinds of stuff throughout the year. We go stay overnight, have a little game night. We have a campfire by it. and otherwise we wouldn't be using the property during that time of the year," said Lyn.

"It's awesome with the kids. The kids just absolutely love them. I guess I must be a kid or something, because I love it too," said Dane.

Even Hartl's mom has come around.

"There was a little shell-shock, but honestly she enjoys it as much as anybody. She harvested her first buck out of it three years ago," said Dane.

Wisconsin Landcrafters has built 43 custom stands so far.

The model in the story goes for about $20,000.

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