Rare 'Robo Golf Pro' instructional tool helps golfers remedy their swing

Robo Golf Pro at One Under Golf Center in De Pere (WLUK).

DE PERE (WLUK) -- It may be a couple of weeks before you can get out on the golf course in Northeast Wisconsin, but if you'd like to get that hitch out of your swing before you do, One Under Golf Center in De Pere can help.

They are home to Wisconsin's only Robo Golf Pro; a swing instructional tool.

"It's perfect repetition," said Matt Wood, the head instructor at One Under Golf Center. "We can make you a golf swing for you that you can repeat over and over and over the correct way rather than adding personal influence."

There's only 32 Robo Golf Pro machines in the country.

The device also films the mechanics of your swing, so the student can see what is being taught right away.

"Golf is golf and you just don't want to be frustrated when you're out there trying to have a good time," said Wood. "Anything you can do to get rid of that frustration as quick as possible is a good thing, right?"

This state of the art instructional tool helps create a perfect swing for each individual.

"I get that there is art in a golf swing. Not everybody can make the same golf swing and I'm certainly not teaching the same golf swing to everybody," said Wood. "What we try to do is take the person's largest fault or what gets them most out of whack on a golf course or in a shot and we try to show them the opposite of that position or of that move so that they know what is the cause of their frustration."

"Golf is repetition and the more you repeat the better you're going to be and it rewards repetition," said Ron Pfeifer, a student of Wood's and user of the Robo Golf Pro. "I had my lesson on Friday and I was back on Saturday in one of the bays, because I could hardly wait to see what I could do with a hundred opportunities at trying what I learned."

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