Former UWGB standout opens Wisconsin's first "basketball-only" training facility

Basketball players train at The Driveway in Green Bay, July 2016. (WLUK image)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Welcome to “The Driveway” - the first basketball-only training facility in Northeast Wisconsin.

"It's kind of that old school mentality of hey, you don't have to travel all the way around the country to get better, you can just go out and get better on your own,” said owner Ryan Borowicz. “That's one the neat things about basketball and I want kids when they walk in there's just this feel of just, that this feels right, this is where I'm going to become a better player.”

The gym is the brainchild of former Ashwaubenon High School and University of Wisconsin-Green Bay standout Ryan Borowicz.

"My biggest thing is inspiring kids and I want to inspire them for the next 20 years, and hopefully my sons take over some day,” added Borowicz.

“The Driveway” features individual instruction and camps and exposes players to the fundamental aspect of basketball.

"It's somewhere you can just focus on basketball,” said Joel Cline, a former Green Bay Southwest High School basketball standout. “You don't really have that in the area and for someone to have a place like this just specifically for basketball is great.”

"It's really fun being here with all of the games we play and how fun Coach Ryan makes everything,” said camp participant Jack Nikolay.

Even though “The Driveway” has only been open for a month, it's a hotbed for basketball talent and it's also going to serve as the main practice facility for the St. Norbert College basketball program.

"It's fun for me to be able to help the program and support the program,” said Borowicz. “For them it's great because it's really close by and it gives them exactly what they need.”

The garage door goes up, “The Driveway” is open, providing an avenue where the dribble and jump shot reign supreme.

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