Dave Casper returns to Chilton High School for Hometown Hall of Fame Honor

Dave Casper

CHILTON (WLUK) -- Chilton football's crown jewel, Dave Casper returned to honor his alma mater in the "Hometown Hall of Famer" program presented by Ford Motor Company.

Casper who played eleven years in the NFL as a tight end was a part of the Raiders' Super Bowl 11 team and was famous for the "Ghost to the Post" catch to help seal an AFC Divisional game in 1977 and the "Holy Roller" play.

He only played his senior season for Chilton, but in 1969, not only were they undefeated, but didn't allow a single point from an opponent all year.

"I remember hanging out with the guys and going to practice everyday and winning the first game, the second game, the third game, the fourth game and not getting scored on,' said Casper. "I remember teams at the end of the year were making up plays to try and score. They knew they weren't going to win."

Casper was honored in front of his high school teammates and coach and said he already had plans after the ceremony.

"I'm glad all my buddies are happy and we're going to go out and probably have an alcoholic beverage, cold. And burgers," Casper said. "They have really good burgers here one of the best places in the town, in the world to get one."

Chilton is just one of 109 high schools recognized by the Pro Football Hall of Fame and that's thanks to the 11 year NFL vet Casper, but players on today's Chilton squad are still fascinated by what he and his teammates were able to do nearly 50 years ago.

"To have him in Chilton is a pretty neat thing," said Kevin Broeckel, current senior on the Tigers football team. 'To have him come back for Chilton was pretty neat and it was great to see him and talk to him a little bit and shake his hand and meet a hometown hero."

Casper was a 2002 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee.

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