Appleton Powerlifter prepares for international competition

APPLETON (WLUK) -- A 17-year old Appleton native has found great success in the sport of powerlifting and will be heading to an international competition this summer.

17-year-old Jaden Burgess-Eisch got into bodybuilding in his early high school years, but decided powerlifting was more for him.

"I'm good at picking up heavy stuff and I like food a lot, so I can do both of things if I decide to power lift," said Burgess-Eisch.

He started training just a year and a half ago, his first competition came shortly after that.

"I didn't place at all," said Burgess-Eisch. "I went home with everything but the experience, but as I grew into the sport doing more and more competitions I knew how to handle myself better at meets, before meets, how to train better and that kind of allowed me to progress within the sport and have better numbers going into meets."

However, success would come quickly. His second meet Jaden qualified for nationals, at the nationals meet in October he qualified for worlds, and his most recent competition last month set four national records for his age group.

"Around 620 squat, a 390 bench and a 610 deadlift. They're the best in the US and they're unofficial World Records.," said Burgess-Eisch. "You can't set World Records unless you're at a world competition, but if I had been I would have the World Records as well."

Quentin Meyer began coaching Jaden about four months ago, after he qualified for worlds.

"Before I even worked with him he was a strong kid," said Meyer. "He's gotten as far as he has without a coach and that's kind of insane. It took me four years of being in high school to get to those numbers and he just, one year of power lifting and he's there. I mean he's a freak of nature."

Jaden will compete in the World's competition this June in Belarus.

He is an independent Powerlifter and has to come up with his own funds to travel to Belarus.

Click here if you'd like to donate to Jaden's travel costs.

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