Wausau man bags two bucks after shooting one

Dan Bartelt of Wausau shot one buck and another during opening weekend, November 21, 2017. (WSAW-TV)

WAUSAU (WLUK) -- Talk about a two-for-one deal.

A Wausau hunter bagged two bucks this year after he shot one of them, WSAW reports.

Dan Bartelt says he was walking out of the woods and saw a deer almost standing still.

He says he fired and when he got to the deer, he found the buck tangled in the antlers of a dead deer.

"That's when I saw the top of its horns so I shot the buck, not realizing he was attached to the 14-pointer," Bartelt said. "Yeah I'm going to be bragging about this every chance I get."

Because of the circumstances, the DNR allowed Bartelt to take both bucks by having him purchase a tag for a family member who was not hunting this year.

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