More deer, younger hunters expected for Wisconsin gun season

Nov. 25, 2015: "Our best big buck opener. two 12 pointers, a 9 and a big 8. Many happy hunters. Hardly any deer seen but we saw the right ones at least. " (Submitted by Tim Marta)

MADISON (AP) -- Wisconsin's nine-day gun deer season could look a lot different this year.

The season begins Saturday and runs through Nov. 26. The biggest potential wrinkle could be a bill Gov. Scott Walker signed eliminating the minimum hunting age. The measure allows anyone of any age to hunt with a mentor. It's unclear how many young hunters the new law will push into the woods.

State wildlife officials say Wisconsin's deer herd appears to be growing thanks to mild winters and hunters could see a robust harvest this year. The 2016 kill was down 6 percent from the year before. Hunter participation was also down about 2 percent.

Opening Day forecasts call for temperatures in the upper 20s to lower 30s and a chance of snow across much of the state.

When you get that trophy buck, send us a photo or video!

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