Video: Police discuss backlash of arresting Bucks player

This Jan. 26, 2018 police body-camera footage released by Milwaukee Police Department shows Bucks guard Sterling Brown as he talks to arresting police officers before being shot by a stun gun in a Walgreens parking lot in Milwaukee. (Milwaukee Police Department via AP)

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Newly released police videos showing the stun gun arrest of Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown show one officer stepping on Brown's ankle while he was handcuffed on the ground and others discussing the potential backlash of taking down an African American professional basketball player.

Brown was arrested for a parking violation in Milwaukee in January.

The body camera and squad car videos, obtained by WISN-TV, show Brown asking why the officer was stepping on his ankle. The officer told Brown he wanted to make sure Brown wouldn't kick officers.

Later an officer converses with two others who are seated in a squad car as they explained they were trying to protect themselves during the arrest and how police could be perceived as racist for arresting a black Bucks player.

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