Bucks hold open practice for 5th annual Fan Fest

Giannis Antetokounmpo at Fan Fest (WLUK).

MILWAUKEE (WLUK) -- Fans got an up close and personal look at this year’s team at the 5th annual Milwaukee Bucks Fan Fest.

“This is always a good time for the fans to see the players, to get to talk to them, touch them, be able to interact," said head coach Jason Kidd. "This is a great day for the fans and also for the players.”

Fan fest came complete with a scrimmage that the Bucks say, they didn’t take lightly.

“In a scrimmage like this sometimes it can turn into like an all-star game, but for us it was about practicing and getting better," said Bucks guard Jason Terry. "We obviously know where we’re at at this point, we have to get some guys healthy, but we want to get our system healthy not make the same mistakes we’re making in these preseason games.”

“It’s good to get in front of the home crowd, let them see how we practice, what we do," said forward Khris Middleton. "Just the basic fundamentals of our defense and what not and then just get out and try to put on a show, get better, but let them enjoy the scrimmage we put on.”

After the scrimmage fans got to come down to the court to get autographs, shoot hoops and play Xbox with the players.

“For me it’s actually interacting with the kids. I love being around kids, when I see a kid that wants to talk to me or wants my autograph, I see myself in them," said Bucks guard Malcolm Brogdon. "I just want to be a good example and just be very approachable and want them to know that I’m just a regular guy too.”

“We’ll see them throughout the season, but now they’re up close and personal," said Terry. "They can ask us anything they want, they get their autographs, get their pictures taken and more importantly they get to touch us and feel us man.”

The Bucks first regular season game will be October 18th against the Celtics in Boston. Before that they have a quick training camp retreat in Madison followed by the preseason finale on Friday.

“It’s just us out there, it’s almost like being on the road," said Middleton. "We get to know each other, go out to eat a lot more, spend time with each other and learn each other is the most important thing, building chemistry with the team.”

“when you’re able to leave the home base as a team, it gives you an opportunity to bond, to be together and to enjoy each other and develop more chemistry,” said Brogdon.

The Bucks home opener will be Friday October 20th against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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