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Value That Pays

Tundraland is a leading window replacement and bath remodeling company in Wisconsin.

Although we’d all love to totally revamp our homes—imagine the beautiful new siding, the wood shake-inspired roofing, the elegant entry doors!—the truth is that we all have budgets to consider. Most of us simply can’t afford to take on every project that comes to mind. To get the most out of a limited remodeling budget, consider focusing on two home improvements that give a high return on investment: replacement windows and bathroom remodeling.

Replacement Windows

Windows are a critical aspect of any Wisconsin home—after all, they’re one of the few features that can impact your home’s interior and exterior style as well as your security and energy costs. That’s a lot of responsibility for one feature!

Given the functional and aesthetic value of windows, it makes sense that they’re one of the home improvements with the highest ROI. There are two major reasons why new window installations are such a cost-effective choice:

1. Curb Appeal: New windows add a modern look to a dated home exterior—and anyone who’s tried to sell a home knows how important curb appeal is to attracting potential buyers. On average, 80% of the cost of professional replacement window installation is recouped at sale.

2. Energy Efficiency: Some of the cost of window replacement will return to you in the form of energy savings. By choosing higher-performance energy-efficient windows, you’ll spend less every month on heating and cooling.

Bathroom Remodeling

Another home improvement that’s shown consistently high returns is bathroom remodeling. According to Remodeling magazine, in 2017, bathroom remodeling projects have returned 64.8% of the original cost on average. In some housing markets—like Baltimore, Chicago, and D.C.—bathroom remodels have consistently returned over 100%!

As HGTV points out, two types of bath remodels especially pay off at resale:

1. Walk-in Showers: Though whirlpool tubs were once the most popular feature, most people today would choose a luxurious shower over a large bath. A shower not only saves space—it’s also more convenient for those of us with increasingly busy lives.

2. Quality Accessories: Convenient features like hand-held shower heads and stylish accessories like designer towel bars and brand-name fixtures go a long way. With a name like Kohler, you are sure to be dazzled

Ready to See How These Remodels Can Improve Your Wisconsin Home?

If you’re interested in getting the highest return on your remodeling investment, get in touch with Tundraland today! As a leading window replacement and bath remodeling company in Wisconsin, they install high-quality American-made products that add lasting value to local homes. To learn more about replacement windows and bath remodeling services, call us today or complete our online form now! We’d be happy to learn more about your needs and schedule your free in-home estimate.