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Refresh Your Home with These Window Styles

Installing different types of windows can drastically change the look and feel of your space.
Installing different types of windows can drastically change the look and feel of your space.

You might think that to change the look and feel of your home, you’ll have to do a full interior remodel. However, changing up your windows is an often unconsidered but immensely valuable way to rejuvenate your home’s style. Replacing your windows adds practical value to your home like decreasing utility costs, but there are also design opportunities that accompany a window replacement. Windows don’t have to just open from the top and bottom like traditional double-hung windows; there are numerous types of windows, each with different features that can drastically change your space. If replacing your windows seems like the practical and sophisticated design fix you’ve been looking for, consider these window styles for your home:

Capture Your View with a Picture Window
If you have a gorgeous view that you wish you could see all the time, consider installing a picture window in your home. Picture windows are fixed windows, meaning they can’t be opened or closed. With a picture window, your outdoor view can become a feature wall, showcased like a work of art. If you’re interested in increasing your room’s natural light, consider installing a picture window in hard to reach places, like in a room with vaulted ceilings, for added brightness and elegance.

Bay and Bow Windows for an Expansive Feel
A Bay or Bow window adds an immediate focal point and brings a classic feel to your home. A bay window consists of three panes of glass, and a bow window typically has four or five panes of glass angled out of your home. Both types of windows create a larger feel to your space, as light can enter from different angles into your home. There are also decorating and storage opportunities as bay and bow windows are perfect for window seats with underneath storage. Bay and Bow windows add warmth to any space, and increase your home’s curb appeal for added value.

Bring in the Light with Awning Windows
Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outwardly to create an awning-like effect. They allow for increased flexibility in design as they are typically built as smaller windows and can therefore go in unlikely places where traditional windows can’t fit. So, if there’s a space in your home that you’ve always thought was perfect for a window but normal double-hung windows seemed too large for it to work, an awning window is a great solution. Awning windows also allow for increased ventilation regardless of the forecast. Since they open out as an awning does, they’ll prevent rain from coming inside.

Add A Touch of Green with a Garden Window
Typically found over a kitchen sink, garden windows create the perfect space for growing herbs. Think of a garden window like a mini-greenhouse, it’s built-out like a box and has panes of glass on all sides. Since light can enter from all angles, plants thrive due to increased sunlight and insulation. It can also provide a gorgeous view of the outdoors, something that’s nice when you’re at the sink doing dishes. A garden window is a fun way to add color and a little bit of storage to your space.

Small Changes—Big Style
You don’t need to be an interior designer to enhance your home’s style. Installing different types of windows can drastically change the look and feel of your space. Whether you’re interested in highlighting a gorgeous view with a picture window, adding depth and light with a bow window, or showing off your green thumb with a garden window, there are countless ways that a new window can reenergize your space.

If you’re considering replacing your windows to revamp your home’s interior, trust the professionals at Tundraland. Their dedicated team of professionals will work with you to redesign your space, and their years of experience guarantee exceptional service. New windows don’t just have to be for a new home. Open yourself up to the possibility of a newly redesigned space with windows that reflect your style. At Tundraland, we’re proud to make your design dreams a reality.