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Kohler and Tundraland Partner to Keep Homes Safer, Longer

The Kohler Company and Tundraland have partnered to offer a safety tub that's smart, safe and easy to use.
The Kohler Company and Tundraland have partnered to offer a safety tub that's smart, safe and easy to use.

A family should always feel safe at home. Kohler recognizes this basic human need. Kohler also recognizes Tundraland’s dedication to the communities it serves. So Kohler specially selected Tundraland to help keep Wisconsinites’ homes safe.

The desire to feel safe and comfortable in our own homes, for years to come is something we all want. But it’s more than just something we want, it’s something we need and deserve.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, falls are the leading cause of accidental death among Wisconsinites ages 65 or older. The majority of falls happen right at home, and to no surprise, the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the home.

Here’s the good news. Tundraland Home Improvements and Kohler have partnered to offer you a safety tub that’s smart, safe and easy to use. Kohler has been an industry leader in making safe, comfortable and reliable bath systems for years. Here are a few reasons why you should should have Tundraland install a Kohler bath system in your home today:


It’s difficult to admit: aging is hard. You maybe don’t move as easily. The thought of falling is positively frightening! Make the wise investment to prevent a painful, expensive injury. Settle your mind. Vastly improve your quality of life with a Kohler® walk-in bath.

Safety features:
• An extra-wide, easy-opening door for accessibility
• An ultra-low lip so it is easy to get in and out
• Easy-to-grab handrails so you feel stable

“Stepping over a conventional tub scares me! Railings didn’t give me comfort. My shower chair wasn’t safe. My physical therapist was so glad for the safety [of this tub],” says Jo Helms of Appleton, WI (who chose Tundraland for walk-in bath and sunroom!).


Not only will you feel more secure, but you will also give your family a sense of comfort that you are safe. Control your future. Live on your terms. Reclaim your independence.

“Our typical customers have invested in, and love, their home. They have a strong connection to family and history in that home. They are planning for the future to [avoid] assisted living or home health care,” explains Paul Lukowski, director of sales for Tundraland.

Lukowski adds, “[Our other customers are those with] great discomfort. They seek to prevent an accident but also the benefits of the tub, such as comfort and hydrotherapy."


Transform your bathroom into an accessible (yet aesthetically pleasing!) retreat. The bath fills and drains in only a couple minutes for instant luxury! Don’t sacrifice style for safety.

Comfort features:
• Hydrotherapy jets soothe sore muscles and reduce pain
• Adjustable massage intensity and jets to fully unwind
• A heated backrest so you won’t get chilly

“[The best advantage is] security for my husband. Me? I love the whirlpool bubbles and heated seats. My husband loves the jets. The grandkids love to swim in it," exlaims Jenny Becker of Oshkosh, WI, a valued Tundraland customer. The benefits continue!


“[The tub] is all American-made. That really impressed us,” says Becker. Not only are the baths American-made, but made right here in Wisconsin – and installed by a locally owned company. The manufacturer, salespeople and installers are all your neighbors.

“[People are scared of] a large project, a lot of hassle, having a contractor in their home, not being cared for. Tundraland and Kohler® are reputed and well-reviewed by outside sources. We finish 1000+ projects a year with zero BBB complaints,” assures Lukowski.

Furthermore, Tundraland:
• Is hand-selected by Kohler® as an authorized dealer
• Technicians are Kohler®-trained certified installers
• Offers a product and labor lifetime warranty

Tundraland makes it surprisingly affordable, even for those on a fixed income. Installation itself takes only one day. Reach Tundraland today for a free estimate. Or try out the walk-in bath for yourself! Its showroom is conveniently located off I-41 in Kaukauna.

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