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7 tips for having an energy-efficient home

Review these energy-saving tips from Tundraland for ways to save money in your home.
Review these energy-saving tips from Tundraland for ways to save money in your home.

Customers who stop into our Kaukauna showroom are often asking, how can I make sure my home and windows are energy-efficient year-round? It's a thought that's on the minds of many Wisconsin residents. We know how unpredictable Wisconsin weather can be, from our harsh winters to our scorching hot summers, taking small steps towards an energy-efficient home is sure to save you big. To help you get started, the Tundraland Home Improvement team compiled some easy tips for having an energy-efficient home year round.

Energy-Efficient Kitchen Tips

Don't open the oven door! We understand, it's tempting to peak at the deliciousness in the oven. But according to the Consumer Energy Center, opening the oven door just once lowers the internal temperature by 25 degrees, increases cooking time and wastes energy. Instead, use the oven light, an oven proof meat thermometer and look through the oven window.

Keep your stove burners and reflectors clean. Quality, clean stovetop parts can mean big energy savings. Don't forget to clean up before and after cooking!

Try a slow cooker. Wisconsin Public Service recommends cooking meals in a slow cooker instead of the energy-heavy conventional oven method. Your electricity costs for a slow cooker meal only add up to about 17 cents.

Energy-Efficient Décor Tips

Use energy-efficient bulbs. There is an increasing number of energy –efficient bulbs to choose from in today’s world. This will reduce energy use by 50%-80% saving you money. When purchasing lightbulbs, consider switching from incandescent to fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs are more costly up front but will last 8-12 times longer than an incandescent bulb that will result in savings.

Turn it off. Turn off lights, appliances and electronics when you are not using them or install a timer that turns lights on at dusk and off the next morning (or even late at night!) to save energy.

Energy-Efficient Windows Tips

Say goodbye to aluminum frames. Aluminum window frames let heat transfer very easily whereas vinyl frames are much more resistant to heat transfer. Tundraland offers a wide variety of vinyl frames, to learn more visit: tundraland.com/windows

Double or Triple up on Panes. Double- or triple-paned windows are key in keeping the summer heat in and the winter cold out. The Tundraland team is knowledgeable in windows made specifically for the Wisconsin climate.

Use thick curtains or blinds. Consider window dressings as just another way to spruce up your Wisconsin home's interior for the holidays. Invest in thick, heat-trapping materials that will keep the cold weather out.

Whether you’re located in Green Lake, Ripon, De Pere, West Bend, or almost anywhere in Wisconsin Tundraland Home Improvements has energy efficient solutions for your window and bath needs. Call us at (920) 724-4786, contact us online, or stop by the Kaukauna showroom to learn more about how we can help you get started.