STEAM Stories: Kiel Middle School Technology Education

STEAM Stories: Andrew Vorpahl, Nia Gengler and Chayse Hoefler are students in the Kiel Middle School Technology Education Program.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math are a critical component in helping the U.S. succeed now, and into the future. We are proud to present this week’s STEAM Story in partnership with, and sponsored by CESA 7 and Tundraland.

In this week's STEAM Story, Andrew Vorpahl, Nia Gengler and Chayse Hoefler share their Kiel Middle School Technical Education experience.

Andrew, Class of 2022, describes Technology Education as a problem-solving class. “The teacher gives us a problem and then we would have to research it and then build the project by ourselves or in a group”. He explains the earthquake simulator project initially starts out by watching a video of from other groups who have already built their projects to get ideas. The teacher then handed out a packet with instructions and the students were placed in groups to start solving the problem.

Nia, Class of 2022, specifies some of the tools she used to complete projects in Tech Ed. Nia used a computer to research the earthquake project, then she drew out her ideas on paper to understand how the project would work. When it came time to physically build the structure, “we had to cut everything very precise so it would fit perfectly and then if the building survived we would get a good grade.”

Chayse, Class of 2022, reveals that communication and teamwork are very important to completing projects in Tech Ed. Chayse explains one of the central themes of the earthquake project is the ability to think ahead to be able to figure out how all the pieces would fit together in the end. She had to build a model made of balsa wood to simulate a 15-story building. Using video cameras, she could determine when the structure failed and can build a better structure in the future.

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