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STEAM Stories: Gibraltar IKE University

STEAM Education: Maggie Bremer, Augie Wisniewski and Stuart Annen are students in Gibraltar's elementary IKE University curriculum.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math are a critical component in helping the U.S. succeed now, and into the future. We are proud to present this week’s STEAM Story in partnership with, and sponsored by CESA 7 and Tundraland.

In this week's STEAM Story, Maggie, Augie and Stewart share their IKE University summer experience. The K6 "IKE" program is named after their school mascot. Tim Mulrain, Gibraltar Assistant Principal, relates that the goal of the program is for students to have a great summer school experience, and to gain enrichment in the STEAM curriculum including reading and mathematics.

Stuart Annen, class of 2028, states that summer school is the best thing in the world — he enjoys the Fun with Foods program. Maggie Bremer, class of 2030, looks forward to Theatre Time, LEGOs, Fun with Foods and mathematics.

Assistant Principal Mulrain explains that some course like Fun with Foods are unique to the program, while the robotics course builds on the elementary school Project Lead the Way science curriculum. The courses are a combination of new experiences, in addition to experiences that are built on throughout the school year.

Augie Wisniewski, class of 2024, enjoys sports but also loves the flexibility and creativity of the school's art program. He states the classes are fun, educational, and also aid in building teamship with other students.

Courses based on the four 'A's including Arts, Athletics, Academics and Activities are valued and included in the IKE University program. Gibraltar's teachers work hard to provide unique learning opportunities for students; the high-quality teaching shows in students' enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. IKE University is changing the nature of summer school from remedial to an enrichment program that builds on students' strengths, which can then be applied to future courses in the fall semester.

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