STEAM Stories: Denmark Middle School Technology and Engineering Program

STEAM Stories: Jay Wallerius, Mason Kolarik and Owen DeGrand are students in the Denmark Middle School Technology and Engineering Program.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math are a critical component in helping the U.S. succeed now, and into the future. We are proud to present this week’s STEAM Story in partnership with CESA 7.

In this week's STEAM Story, Jay Wallerius, Mason Kolarik and Owen DeGrand share their Denmark Middle School Technology and Engineering experience.

Jay, Class of 2022, explains how the Technology and Engineering program has taught him how to plan projects and become more proficient at handling tools. Jay, describing a recent assignment that he and his classmates completed which benefited a local charity event - "For our independent project we made something that would benefit a charity which is a skin cancer walk in Denmark. Me and my buddy made a washer toss game and our friend made ladder golf. Those items were auctioned off at the Denmark skin cancer walk. All profits went to charity".

Angie Arneson, Technology and Engineering Instructor, brought up the idea of making games for the Denmark charity to her 8th grade design class. She stated that Mason, Jay and Owen were excited for this opportunity; they researched and came up with their own designs. "From start to finish it was an amazing project to be part of with my students. This group of students were really a special group and I enjoyed working with them. These are top-notch students and they have built on their skills especially in the workshop".

Mason, Class of 2022, describes how teamwork is valuable to complete projects. Working with other classmates, and with instructor Ms. Arneson, gave Mason the confidence to work with machines in the workshop. New experiences include using a band saw, chop saw, disc and belt sanders and hand drills.

Owen, Class of 2022, reveals that math and science are very important to completing projects in the Technology and Engineering program. "You definitely need math for measuring and you need science to help figure out angles". Owen said he chose the Technology and Engineering program because he wanted to help the community and give back to people.

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