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STEAM Stories: Ashwaubenon Technical Education

STEAM Education: Trey Micoley, Liz Cleveland and Jackson Hodek are students in the Ashwaubenon Parkview Middle School Technical Education Program.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math are a critical component in helping the U.S. succeed now, and into the future. We are proud to present this week’s STEAM Story in partnership with, and sponsored by CESA 7 and Tundraland.

In this week's STEAM Story, Trey Micoley, Liz Cleveland and Jackson Hodek share their Ashwaubenon Parkview Middle School Technical Education experience.

Trey, Class of 2022, relates his initial understanding of Tech Ed, before actually taking the course. "I thought I was just going to the shop and build something. I now see the class as being much more..." Trey enjoys working with computers, shop production and other facets of the trade. He has always been a tactile learner and states that he prefers hands-on courses like Tech Ed. In addition, there is a big balance between lab study time and applied hands-on time, while still allowing full flexibility for hands-on learning.

Liz, Class of 2022, states that some people's perception of Tech Ed is only working with shop tools or computers, but it encompasses everything from shop and lab work, computers and 3D printers and other tools that require a wide range of skills. She enjoys the hands-on creativity offered in Tech Ed and also likes math, science and English — studies which can all be applied in this program, and an aid in building future life skills.

Jackson, Class of 2022, shares some of the cool shop technology in use; from the Carvey, which can carve material via computer software, to 3D printers, which build up an object using superheated ABS or nylon fused plastic, and shop power tools like band saws and sanders that help in completing the project. Reflecting on future career goals, Jackson really enjoys aviation and many of the Tech Ed course studies can be directly applied to this field, including engineering. He concludes in stating that he really enjoys the class because of the hands-on experience and that there is always something new to learn.

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