Shawano schools on alert after threat found written in snow

Shawano Police say they're investigating another school threat after this message, which reads 'I go shoot up school' was written in a local park, April 5, 2018. (WLUK)

SHAWANO (WLUK) - For the second time in a little over a week, Shawano police are investigating another school safety threat.

Authorities got the call Wednesday evening, about a message saying 'I go shoot up school' at Sturgeon Park.

"Last night, we received an anonymous complaint of a threatening message stamped in the snow, in the Sturgeon Park area," said Shawano Police Chief, Dan Mauel.

Mauel says the department is working closely with the Shawano School District.

The Shawano Police Department and Shawano School District released a joint statement:

He says they're taking any threat to school safety seriously, "It was a non-specific, didn't indicate any school, kind of like the last one. We have no idea, if it is something that is serious, who knows, but we have to treat it serious."

The finding comes a little over a week after a similar threat was found under a picnic table in Memorial Park.

Mauel says extra police patrols have been put in place at each school, "If you want to call it an increase police presence, that's what it is, but we've been doing this for a month now. We're going to continue to."

Tyler Miller who has a niece in the school district, says the extra measures have given him peace of mind, "Yes, it should be taken seriously. I just don't know why they're doing it. If they're trying to do it for attention, or get a rise out of people. I don't find the joy out it."

As for Mauel, he says finding the those responsible, has become the department's top priority, "There will be severe consequences if we can find out who did it, it might be hard to prove but we're working on it, both of them."

Shawano police encourage anyone with any information call the department at 715-524-4545.

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