FOX 11 Contest Troubleshooting Tips

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Shown are some of the top issues contestants have asked us about, when playing our contests. Please check here for a solution to your problem before contacting us - chances are, you'll find the answer in one of the tips shown below.

1. When I try to play the FOX 11 Football Challenge on my iPhone, I get this error message:
"Please enable cookies on your browser. This contest requires cookies to be enabled before you can log in."

This message may pop up if you are using Apple Operating System 11.xx on an iPhone 7. System 11.xx has implemented intelligent tracking prevention that blocks cross-site tracking and third party cookies. To get around this issue please review the following settings:

Settings > Safari > Privacy & Security section.
Turn off - Prevent Cross-Site Tracking.
Turn off - Block All Cookies.
Turn off - Ask Websites Not To Track Me.

To be safe, delete your Safari mobile browser history.

Next, reset your phone's network settings by going to:
Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Restart your phone and try accessing the contest again. If the issue persists, play the contest on a desktop computer using the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

2. The "Continue" button doesn't work when submitting my entry:
Upickem has advised that this issue happens if a contestant is using an older version of Internet Explorer on a desktop or laptop computer, such as version 8 or 9. Please use the latest version of Explorer. Upickem recommends using alternate browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as they provide a much better browsing experience.

3. When I submit my registration information, it brings me right back to the Registration page - none of the info is filled out. What's wrong?:
This issue only happens with Internet Explorer on desktop or laptop computers. It happens because your computer is caching old content. Please dump the browser cache, quit the browser, then open it back up and return to the registration tab.
A better solution would be to avoid Explorer and instead use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, neither of which exhibit this issue.

If you are experiencing cache issues with your mobile web browser, Upickem recommends reviewing this help doc.

4. Why can't I change my contest profile to update my email address, contact phone number or street address?:
This is a known issue with the new Upickem sweepstakes contesting platform. In the older version of the platform, a contestant could log in and change their basic profile information, like updating their email address, phone number or street address. This can only be currently done by logging into one of their national contests like the FOX 11 Football Challenge or Finish Line Challenge, and clicking on the account details tab.

5. My password doesn't work and I know it's correct:
Upickem requires a valid user name and password for each account holder. If the contest is stating your password isn't correct - then you have made a mistake in entering it. Your username must also be typed exactly as initially entered when setting up your account. If you still can't enter after verifying your password, please reset the password by clicking on the Help link at the bottom of our contests. Then click on Login help and enter your email address to reset the password.

Please note that there is a chance your ISP will block incoming help messages from Upickem. Please look in your SPAM or Junk mail folder for these messages - then add the domain to your safe sender list.

6. When I set up an account, it's asking for a "Public Name." What exactly is this?
This field is required when setting up an account under one of our nationally-ranked leaderboard contests like the FOX 11 Football Challenge, or Finish Line Challenge. The Public Name is in essence, a "Screen Name" which is a nickname used to identify you in leaderboard rankings without disclosing your actual identity. Your Public Name MUST be unique. If you keep getting an error on submitting it, chances are that name has already been taken. (FOX 11 has over 105,000 registered contestants.) For instance, "Susan" may have been taken - try making it more unique by adding more numbers or characters: Susan_11a49

7. I don't see the contest - I just see an empty page?
Please enter our contests on a desktop or laptop computer using the latest version of one of the following web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer 10, 11 and Edge . Upickem doesn't support all versions of mobile devices, tablets and web browsers.

Also make sure to turn off any web browser ad blockers and have JavaScript enabled on your computer.

8. When I enter your contest it just asks for my email address. Why can't I enter my other contact info like my phone number and street address?
You will only be asked for your complete registration information the first time you sign up to play one of our contests. If you play a future contest, we only require your email address. We have your other contact information on file. This offers a faster registration process. Important: You must enter the exact email address you initially used when entering the first contest.

If you have other questions which have not been addressed here, please contact FOX 11's web team at