Mirro factory tower demolished in Manitowoc

Demolition of the former Mirro building in Manitowoc continues Aug. 24, 2017. (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

MANITOWOC (WLUK) -- An iconic structure which towered eight stories over the old Mirro Aluminum Company in downtown Manitowoc came crumbling down Thursday morning.

It had been there almost 90 years.

Live video of the demolition:

After some coaxing by a crane nicknamed "Godzilla" demolition crews gently turned a piece of Manitowoc history, into rubble.

"I used to work here, years ago, on the second floor," said Wayne Dehne, Manitowoc.

Dehne says he had to see the building one last time.

"We seen the tower come down. Pretty awesome," he said.

There are four columns that supported the tower. They weakened and knocked out the southeast column, and then pulled. They wrapped a cable around the upper part of the tower, and started working on the northeast column. Once they had broken the northeast column, the tower came down, just as planned," said Dave Fowler, Project Manager.

Dismantling of the old Mirro Aluminum Company began back in June. The City of Manitwoc owns the five-acre site.

"It's an open canvas into our historic downtown. We've been approached by a few developers about putting up a multi-use apartment building where there will be apartments on the second and third stories, and commercial on the front," said Kathleen McDaniel, Manitowoc City Attorney.

Once the tower was down, crews moved on to other parts of the factory. The project manager expects demolition to be complete by around Labor Day.

"From then on, it's just consolidating the waste recycling, the metal that can be recycled, and removing all the other materials to the waste management facility in Whitelaw. Some of the recycling is going to Green Bay, and some I think to Illinois," said Fowler.

"We're really looking forward to seeing this come down. We really support all of our citizens who did great work there, but we're looking forward to see what's next for Manitowoc," said McDaniel.

The contractors have until October 10th to have the site cleared.

The city hopes to move ahead with development plans, next year.

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