Walker pledges not to join cabinet during a third term

President Donald Trump shakes Governor Scott Walker's hand during an announcement of Foxconn's plans to build a plant in Wisconsin, July 26, 2017. (FOX News)

MADISON (AP) -- Gov. Scott Walker is pledging he won't leave office during a third term to join President Donald Trump's cabinet.

Walker told reporters in the state Capitol on Monday that he's running to serve a full term and he would never willingly leave the governor's office to join the cabinet.

In 2014, Walker downplayed his interest in running for president but never pledged not to seek the office, which he did shortly after winning re-election.

Former Gov. Tommy Thompson left during his fourth term as governor to join then-President George W. Bush's cabinet. Walker says Thompson has repeatedly warned him that his worst day as governor was better than his best day in the cabinet and he can get more done as governor.

Walker faces re-election to third term in November.

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