Statue of Liberty appears on Madison lake

    An inflatable Statue of Liberty sits on Madison's Lake Mendota Feb. 1, 2019. (Photo source: WMTV-TV)

    MADISON (WLUK) -- Did the polar vortex blow the Statue of Liberty into Wisconsin? No, it just looks that way.

    The statue's crown and torch appear to be poking out of a frozen Lake Mendota in Madison. WMTV-TV reports the inflatable monument was a surprise addition to the Wisconsin Union's Winter Carnival at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

    The display is a callback to one of the iconic pranks of the Pail and Shovel Party in the 1970s. The group, which ran for office in UW-Madison's student government, erected the original display in 1979 using chicken wire, papier mache and muslin cloth.

    “The Idea to return Lady Liberty to Lake Mendota as part of Winter Carnival is one that I’ve been working for about two years,” Wisconsin Union President and UW-Madison senior Mills Botham said. “This was the first year that I found a practical means of making its revival possible.”

    Wisconsin Union officials say before this re-creation of Lady Liberty, the Styrofoam Statue of Liberty was last seen on Lake Mendota in 2010.

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