Dallet wins Supreme Court race

Judge Rebecca Dallet stands with her daughters Rachel, left, and Ellie as they celebrate at Good City Brewing, Tuesday, April 3, 2018, in Milwaukee. (Rick Wood/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel via AP)

(WLUK) -- Election Night quickly turned into celebration night for Judge Rebecca Dallet as she cruised to victory in the race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Dallet will replace Justice Michael Gableman, who's retiring. Dallet, 48, is currently a Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge. She defeated Michael Screnock, 48, a Sauk County Circuit Court Judge.

“I'm glad to say we won this race and I'm headed to the Supreme Court,” Dallet told her supporters in Milwaukee.

The race was called less than an hour after the polls closed. Dallet said it's time for a change on the court.

“I think it's incredible the amount of people that came out today to really speak out for making a change, for fair and independent courts and really making their voices heard,” Dallet said.

While the race is officially non-partisan, Dallet was backed by several prominent Democrats and progressive organizations. She says will try to restore independence to the court.

“I have been fair and independent in my entire career and I intend to continue to do that,” Dallet said. “What we've worried about from our court has been that the court was not fair and independent, the court had lost the confidence of the voters and my goal was to bring that confidence back.”

“There's obviously change in the air and I think people want change,” Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said at the event.

Barrett says the race may be a sign of things to come in Wisconsin.

“By seeing a victory this resounding, I think it tells you that the entrenched interests, the NRA, the big money, is not winning elections like they used to here in the state of Wisconsin,” Barrett said.

Screnock and his supporters gathered at Trappers Turn Golf Club in Wisconsin Dells.

Gov. Scott Walker tweeted out his support for Screnock Tuesday, urging voters to head to the polls. Former Vice President Joe Biden voiced a robo call for Dallet ahead of the election.

Dallet has been a circuit court judge since being elected 2008 after serving 11 years as a prosecutor. Screnock was first appointed to the bench by Walker in 2015 after working for a Madison law firm for nearly a decade. Screnock won re-election to his current position in 2016, running unopposed.

Currently, Wisconsin's Supreme Court holds a 5-2 majority of justices with a conservative ideology. Gableman is among the conservatives. Even with a win by Dallet, the conservative majority would hold at 4-3.

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