Speaker Robin Vos wants to limit Governor-elect Tony Evers' power

Wisconsin state Assembly Speaker Robin Vos joins with fellow Republicans to defend a $3 billion tax break package for electronics giant Foxconn Technology Group that the Assembly was set to pass on Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017, in Madison. (AP Photo/Scott Bauer)

WISCONSIN (WLUK) -- Just two days after the election, more political back and forth between Republican legislative leadership and the soon to be Democratic governor.

The state assembly leader, a Republican, said he'll try to get the legislature to limit the power of the next Governor, Democrat Tony Evers.

Now the governor-elect is calling out the Speaker.

In a tweet Evers wrote, "Let me be clear: the Republicans and Speaker Vos should stop any and all attempts to play politics and weaken the powers of the governor's office in Wisconsin before I take the oath."

The post comes after Republican Assembly Leader Robin Vos said he's open to further curb the governor's power.

"If these changes weren't appropriate for Governor Walker, then they're not appropriate for Governor-elect Evers," said democratic Rep. Eric Genrich (D- Wisconsin).

Genrich told FOX 11, Evers is willing to work with Republicans to solve problems facing Wisconsin.

"So I would expect Speaker Vos and Leader Fitzgerald would meet him in that and get going together," said Genrich.

Republican representatives say Evers will be able to veto any legislation. Republicans don't have the two-thirds majority needed to override vetoes.

"We're not going to allow the governor, one person, out of the entire legislature to take us backward and undo the reforms that we worked hard to pass over the course of the last 8 years," said republican Rep. Jim Stenike.

On Wednesday, Vos said that Evers win "cannot be seen as any kind of mandate for change." Vos also said, "Assembly Republicans...won't allow Wisconsin to slide backward."

Democratic representative Gordon Hintz said Vos only wants to limit Evers power because Governor Walker lost the election.

In a statement, Hintz said, "Instead of accepting the results of the election and thinking of ways to work with the executive branch, Speaker Vos appears to be putting all of his efforts toward consolidating power into a Republican Party brand whose base is rapidly eroding."

Vos did not say what kind of limits were being considered. Any change would have to be passed and signed by Governor Walker by January 7th, before Evers is sworn-in.

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