Site of Beaver Dam apartment explosion to be demolished

Explosives are detonated at the Village Glen apartment complex in Beaver Dam March 7, 2018. (Image Courtesy WITI-TV)

BEAVER DAM (WLUK) -- A day after federal investigators set off an explosion of chemicals, some residents of a Dodge County apartment building learn their homes will be demolished.

About 30 people have to find a new place to live.

On Monday, an explosion rocked a building in the complex. One man, who's believed to be a tenant, died.

Investigators found explosive chemicals in the apartment where the blast happened.

Those chemicals caused local authorities to call in the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

A second controlled-explosion happened Wednesday.

That's when authorities blew up the remaining chemicals.

A woman who lived near the apartment where the initial blast happened, says she's grateful no one else was hurt.

"I guess I'm just thankful that my daughter and I walked away. My dog, the cats, everybody in the building was saved; it was only his apartment and him and all of us are OK. You know, everybody from a newborn baby to an elderly woman in there, and all of us walked away OK," said resident, Kathy Hagen.

Residents who now must move have been told they can start getting their belongings out of the building Friday.

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