New rule lets returning veterans exchange military CDL for commercial CDL

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    (WLUK) -- Governor Scott Walker announced Thursday a way for active duty and recently discharged Armed Fores members to quickly obtain a license that can jump start a trucking career.

    The state's DOT calls it an "even exchange" where the DMV will waive civilian CDL knowledge tests for veterans, allowing veterans to rely on military experience instead.

    “Wisconsin has a historically strong and growing economy, and our small businesses are prospering and expanding. However, our trucking industry, which is a key component to every industry in our state, is facing a serious shortage of drivers,” Walker said. “Wisconsin’s implementation of this “even exchange” between licenses will get our veterans back into the civilian workforce much more quickly."

    The training provided to Military CDL holders, and the testing they undergo to become licensed, is as good or better than that currently required by federal law, according to the DOT.

    DOT officials compared the "even exchange" rule to the process drivers undergo when moving to Wisconsin from another state.

    “We are hopeful that the adoption of the knowledge test waiver, in addition to the current waiver of the skills test and licensing fee, will lead to more veterans moving into this line of work,” Dave Ross, Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary said.

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